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Product Formulation & Development Services
Cosmetic Chemistry

Source locations for product development
This can be at a private label filler’s R&D facility, or a job assignment to develop the concepts in-house providing ownership for the client.

Marketing/Strategy Direction
Provide direction to establish marketing position and strategy, channels of distribution, advertising, etc.

Develop/select the ingredient(s) required to provide a basis for the claims positioning
Dr. Rich is well versed in the available materials to support the positioning. During his tenure at Bath and Body Works he followed the development of numerous raw materials and promoted these for incorporation into Bath and Body Works products.

Supervise the development of the formulation to confirm that the ingredients are correct, the formulation is logical and the stability is satisfactory

Establish a testing protocol for claim support at an appropriate clinical research laboratory
Art has worked with numerous testing facilities and has a good personal working relationship with several of the top laboratories.

Align the client with an appropriate Contract Manufacture and Filler
During his time at Bath and Body Works and Victoria’s Secret Art developed good interactive relationships with over 50 fillers. These range from large scale production facilities to smaller companies focusing on small (5000 piece) runs. Art is also able to provide information about those companies that have product development labs.

Assign a microbiological testing laboratory and clinical safety testing laboratory to monitor the developed formulas

These facilities will provide the assurance that microbiological effectiveness and clinical safety standards will be met by all formulas.

Develop the ingredient list and label cautions appropriate for the product

Establish batching procedure and product specifications with the Filler. Review Product Standards with the Filler

Review First Manufactured Batch and sign-off for release to ship

Provide ingredient costs and formula/bulk costs

Troubleshoot the technical systems as required


Other skills

Expert Witness
Art has considerable experience as an Expert Witness in litigation revolving around the personal care and cosmetic industries.

Member Editorial Advisory Board, Global Cosmetic Industry (GCI) magazine

Contributing author to GCI magazine and other trade publications

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